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VisImm, a comprehensive real estate vision!

Facilitator of real estate data searches, VisImm allows you to see who the builders are, whether it's the investor, real estate developer, general contractor, subcontractors, material suppliers, surveyor, or architect. All these players in the construction market should be considered in your endeavors.

Establish connections between investors, their companies, administrators, and their real estate assets, as well as the real estate challenges they face.

Property Index
  • Order a building index directly from the Land Registry of Quebec through VisImm. You will receive a notification as soon as the index is available in your client space, where you can securely store it.
  • Save time by adding to your Favorites the searches you regularly perform. This way, you can easily access them in your "Favorites" tab.
Order of Deed
  • Nominis allows you to order and store the requested documents for transactions that interest you in a centralized and easily accessible location at all times.

With VisImm, our search facilitator, a powerful tool, you can conduct searches based on multiple criteria choices:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Name of Trustee
  • City
  • Street
  • Postal Code or Half Postal Code
  • Registry Division
  • Type of Document
  • Registration Number
  • Lawyer
  • Amount
  • Date

Tools for your Industry

Mortgages Coming to Maturity

  • Assists you in business development by enabling you to target mortgage loans potentially coming to renewal or maturity.

Business Opportunities

  • Identify potential clients, print lists and be prepared for your meetings.

Real estate transactions

  • Analyze commercial and agricultural real estate transactions for comparables.

A Pool of Potential Clients

  • Assess the real estate portfolio held by entrepreneurs of all types in the economic and geographic sector of your choice.

How Nominis Can Help You

Legal Construction Hypothecs

  • Find out how Nominis can help you monitor the market.

Credit Risk Management

  • Mitigate losses by assessing borrowers' credit risk, including payment behaviour and financial capacity.

Real Estate Development

  • Managing your real estate portfolio?
  • Investing in real estate remains the preferred solution for building wealth. Like any investment, if you want it to be profitable, good management is essential. Indeed, you should consider real estate investment as a genuine business with the goal of making it grow year after year.

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Business Development

  • Identifying new business opportunities.