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OCR technology allows making scanned images and documents with extractable text.

We have developed a complex dynamic form that morphs according to the type of transaction (sale, mortgage, etc.) and the types of data (the form changes based on the type of party, individual or company). The form utilizes data verification algorithms to minimize human error to the greatest extent possible.

Regarding the search

The search leverages three core technologies:

Indexing engine
  • This allows generating ultra-fast research reports thanks to pre-indexing.
Graph Database
  • This allows generating reports with the original data and the entered data together.
Modern and interactive interface
  • An interface based on React (an interface framework) with a layer of Nominis gives us a beautiful, fast, and responsive interface.

The Nominis interface works well on mobile, tablet, and computer.


At Nominis, security is a paramount concern! The new Nominis 4.0 platform has undergone audits at the levels of our services, architecture, and methods to secure and enhance our platform. Additionally, we have implemented a continuous audit protocol with a battery of tests every 6 months.

In terms of compliance, Nominis 4.0 adheres to all aspects of Law 25 concerning the protection of personal information.

These security audits and improvements are conducted by Defensy, a Tunisian-French company specialized and certified in cybersecurity.

Future Features

With Neo4j graph, we can generate One Pagers.

Thanks to our microservices architecture, we will be able to provide integrable Nominis APIs on your ERP and CRM systems.