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Data architect
Real Estate | Credit | Legal

VisImm, a facilitator for strategic, precise, and tailored real estate data research to meet your needs. TopCrono, a service for continuous real-time alerts, daily, weekly, and personalized. ProfilGo, an instant corporate profile including real estate investors, financial, credit risk, and legal aspects.

Nominis provides a 360-degree overview of available information in the real estate, construction, and legal market, including financial, corporate structure, and assessment.

Quality Assurance

Our data processing and quality assurance teams work together to ensure rigorous and accurate information. They aim to maintain and improve the quality of our database, thereby providing our clients with reliable information to meet their needs.

100% Quebec-based data

  • Sales;
  • Mortgages;
  • Remedies filed at the Québec land register such as prior notices and surrenders, legal hypothecs of all kinds (of construction, resulting from a judgment, etc.).;
  • Business legal proceedings;
  • Commercial accounts for recovery;
  • Commercial bankruptcies.
  • Access all transactions filed daily with the Québec land register;
  • Conduct strategic research using multiple search criteria;
  • Monitor your important files in real time by setting up daily alerts;
  • Chart real estate assets instantly;
  • Credit risk management: identify early warning signs that your clients may be experiencing financial difficulties by consulting legal proceedings and commercial accounts for recovery, and their real estate portfolio;
  • Business development: identify potential clients, print lists and be prepared for your meetings;
  • Taking of security interests (disclosure); index of immovables;
  • Real estate intelligence:
    • Gain a better knowledge of existing real estate markets;
    • Identify financing opportunities as well as building and land sales;
  • Analyze commercial, construction and/or agricultural real estate transactions for comparables;
  • Keep up to date on what is going on in your market.
  • Investors, financial institutions, private and alternative lenders, and financing professionals;
  • General contractors;
  • Suppliers (subcontractors) of building materials and services;
  • Real estate and mortgage brokers;
  • Credit managers;
  • Lawyers, legal experts and trustees;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Government agencies;
  • Real estate appraisers, accountants, as well as several types of businesses in the agricultural sector.

Our Management Team

Marc Lalonde


Marc Lalonde, owner of Nominis, has been working for 30 years in business development, research and optimization of data processing and product marketing processes.

Gratielle Dompierre

Chief Executive Officer

Gratielle has worked for 30 years in the field of operations optimization, budget planning and public relations and marketing team management.

Emanuèle Guy

Brand and Content Strategist

Proficient in problem-solving, brand development, and content creation, Emanuèle will help us propel our brand to new heights. Her critical and creative thinking will breathe life into a captivating logo, an engaging website, effective social media strategies, and powerful tools.

Zoé Albert-Laberge

Client service expert

Zoé stands out for her efficiency in project management and problem-solving. Always eager to learn new things and ready to take on challenges, she demonstrates a constant commitment to excellence.