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Nominis, your Ally

In the context of your real estate management, understanding the financial aspect of various players in the real estate market, including lenders, whether traditional, private, or alternative, lawyers, regulatory bodies, the government, or appraisers, is an essential component of the success of your approach.

Market Intelligence

Nominis services allow you to stay up-to-date with your knowledge of the real estate market in Quebec.

Know your Counterpart

Before entering into negotiations, make sure you are familiar with the buyer's or seller's assets.

Be Notified

The Nominis Portal offers a real estate alert system that allows you to monitor specific targets.

Financing Plan

Ensure that your file is strong by consulting accurate up-to-date statistics for your area.

Looking for Great Deals

Receive prior notices and alerts allowing you to identify, before your competition, the great deals in your area.

One Million and More

Plan your major investments by thoroughly assessing the market for large-scale projects in Québec.

Our Products


Instant Corporate Profile including real estate, financial, credit risk, and legal aspects

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