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Credit Risk Management

For professionals in the risk analyst field, Nominis offers solutions to better assess your financial risks. Whether it's to protect yourself from malicious activities or situations that could jeopardize your financial investments, Nominis provides creative and customizable solutions.

VisImm provides data on real estate transactions and real estate proceedings. Lawyers, bailiffs, notaries, and trustees are all sectors to consider in your processes.

TopCrono, a continuous strategic alert service, also compiles commercial proceedings produced by the Ministry of Justice, accounts in collection from our affiliated agencies, as well as bankruptcies.

ProfilGo, a complete corporate profile available instantly, compiles all legal actions taken by or against a company as recorded by Nominis.

Watch the video to learn more about how Nominis can assist you in your credit risk management.


1.Identify early warning signs that your clients may be experiencing financial difficulties by consulting legal proceedings and commercial accounts for recovery, and their real estate portfolio.

Identify your clients' real estate assets.

Assists in your due diligence, in determining if your clients are providing truthful information.

Reducing the risk of professional errors.

Allows you to find out the security of a mortgage, that is, open the transaction's deed in order to validate the property portfolio's real equity in the execution of the audited balance sheet or your review mission.

Identify those who have granted 2nd or 3rd mortgages and identify the lender as well as the interest rates in order to assess the risk.

Direct access to deeds so you may record the terms of the loan without having to wait after your clients.

Better selection of clients during prospecting (ethics).

1.Use the alerts feature in order to be notified quickly if one of your clients has made a transaction recently without informing you of the changes.

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Instant Corporate Profile including real estate, financial, credit risk, and legal aspects

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