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Receive alerts in real-time, daily, and weekly!

You choose your frequency and the types of information; we produce and send you only that information.
For each alert you subscribe to in TopCrono, you have three choices for the reception frequency:

  • Real-time - SMSsent every 30 minutes
  • Daily
  • Weekly

Alerts are customizable according to your preferences!

  • Company Name
  • Person's Name
  • Lot Number
  • Deed Type Regional or Provincial or by Land District
  • Amount - e.g., one million and above
  • Economic Activity Sector - e.g., Agricultural, Construction
  • And more

For alerts on businesses, include legal actions, accounts in collection, or even bankruptcies.

TopCrono Alert - Real-time

An SMS will be sent every 30 minutes when there are transactions related to your alert or, according to your preference, by email.

Crono or Weekly Alert

An email notification will be sent to you when transactions related to your alerts are deposited in your client space.

Share the results of alerts with all members of your team in their client space.

A highly valuable product for team account management.

How Nominis Can Help You

Legal Construction Hypothecs

  • Find out how Nominis can help you monitor the market.

Credit Risk Management

  • Mitigate losses by assessing borrowers' credit risk, including payment behaviour and financial capacity.

Real Estate Development

  • Managing your real estate portfolio?
  • Investing in real estate remains the preferred solution for building wealth. Like any investment, if you want it to be profitable, good management is essential. Indeed, you should consider real estate investment as a genuine business with the goal of making it grow year after year.

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Business Development

  • Identifying new business opportunities.