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All Transactions in the Industry


This provincial publication (includes 73 registry divisions) concerns listings for businesses whose main activity is linked with the construction industry. It is the perfect tool to find, at the right time, the necessary information to better manage your credit risk and identify great business opportunities.

Customized transaction selection

    Receive real-time, daily, and weekly alerts on transactions of your choice:
  • All remedies lodged province-wide against your debtors in the construction sector
  • Legal construction hypothecs
  • Related prior notices if applicable

Target Market

The information published daily is ideal for credit managers, credit administrators, comptrollers, business owners, subcontractors, material suppliers, contractors or any other professional who needs to keep an eye on financial real estate transactions specific to the construction industry.


Choose the “Provincial.Pro” Plan and in addition to your publication, you will gain access to the Portal.

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