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Be Proactive in your Target Market


Market Intelligence

Keep up to date on all real estate transactions in Québec. Who is buying? Who is selling? What, where, and at what price? Identify the real estate market's major players with the services offered by Nominis.


Daily Information

Choose the best contractors for your construction projects by checking for remedies against their various projects.


Notices and Prior Notices

Identify the best purchase opportunities by having access to all real estate remedies.


Early Warning Signs

For your commercial leases - Determine which clients may become at risk by consulting business legal proceedings and commercial accounts for recovery.


Investors - Market Developments

Identify “flip” opportunities and best purchase opportunities by having access to all real estate remedies in Québec.


Investors - Business Plan

Build your investment projects using reliable data in order to make the most accurate forecasts whether by registry division or by region.

Our Products


Instant Corporate Profile including real estate, financial, credit risk, and legal aspects

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