The Real Estate Search Engine!

Nominis, a business development-oriented service, offers strategic information searches so you can secure new clients and optimize your credit risk management.


Increase your Market Share

Quickly target business opportunities by being informed daily about sales of land and commercial buildings. Identify new commercial building buyers for upcoming renovation projects.


Searching for Assets

What are your clients' property assets, and who is financing them? What is the equity on their real estate portfolio? Identify the largest real estate portfolio managers.


Credit Risk Management

Assess the financial situation of your subcontractors, clients or prospects, and even that of significant real estate projects by identifying remedies, legal proceedings and commercial accounts for recovery linked with your clients, partners or subcontractors.


Monitor Customers

Receive daily transaction information related to your clients and the types of real estate transactions you are interested in using the Nominis alerts service.


Perform Simple and Advanced Search

Track information using multiple search criteria, whether by company name, trustee, street, city, postal code, district, type of transaction, etc.


The Builder Publication

Receive, on a daily basis, all real estate transactions in Québec related to the construction industry, more particularly remedies such as legal construction hypothecs and all other remedies related to the construction industry.

Our Products

The Portal

Subscription to the Portal gives you access to perform all the searches you want.

The Builder

Receive, on a daily basis, all registrations pertaining to businesses whose main activity is related to the construction industry.

Real Estate Law

All commercial real estate transactions and real estate remedies in your area.