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Daily Real Estate Publications

Real Estate Law is the product that any real estate opportunity prospector wants to receive. For each region of Québec, a publication is issued daily so that you can be the first to be notified of transactions filed in the land register for one or more given territories. Discover the regions served by Nominis Real Estate Law.

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The Builder

This provincial publication (including 73 registry divisions) incorporates all registrations pertaining to businesses whose main activity is related to the construction industry. This daily publication is ideal for credit managers, comptrollers, business owners, subcontractors, contractors or any other professional who needs to keep an eye on financial real estate transactions specific to the construction sector.

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Building Permits

Are you in the construction industry in the Québec City area and looking for various building permit applications in order to secure new clients for your business? Nominis can help you by providing you with details on permits exceeding $10,000 issued by the cities of Lévis and Québec.

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The Million Club

Are you a real estate buff looking for property transactions over one million? This daily publication consolidates all commercial transactions exceeding $1,000,000 from the land register.

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Here is the perfect prospecting and asset researching tool! Are you a real estate broker, lawyer or trustee looking to see if remedies were filed against a given property, across all regions of Québec? Subscribe to Nominis Remedies.

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Québec's agricultural sector has been experiencing major developments for many years now. This publication includes transactions pertaining to lands, farms and other agricultural activities.

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Commercial Publications


Helps identify early warning signs that your clients may be experiencing financial difficulties as well as their real estate portfolio. Produced monthly, this publication comprises legal proceedings and commercial accounts for recovery, in Québec.

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